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A New Approach to Employer-Assisted Work Visa

Wellington Chamber of Commerce and Business Central Submission

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As a member of Business NZ, we support their submission. We particularly support their first-principles approach to immigration and the conclusions it leads to. In addition, we have included below additional feedback particularly important to our members.

Overall, we are disappointed with the discussion document and the policy agenda it seeks to implement. It seeks to wind-back temporary immigration and artificially drive up wages. This has the effect of lessening opportunities for immigrants to New Zealand and muddying New Zealand’s reputation as a welcoming country for immigrants. It adds compliance and operating costs to businesses, and risks missing opportunities from foregone economic growth.

There is agreement that New Zealanders should be at front of the queue for new jobs and businesses constantly attempt to hire local workers. Businesses invest in training their new staff and ensuring they are able to productively do the job required. However, despite these efforts, Government action is still required to ensure those looking for a job have a basic level of work-ready skills. At a time when labour shortages persist, the Government must take on some of the responsibility of reducing barriers to employment...

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